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Noah's Ark Preschool in Yuba City, CA offers after-school child care to fit the needs of parents with busy work schedules. We are open until 6 pm so that parents never have to worry about who will take care of the kids after the bell rings.

Children who attend April Lane Elementary School (K-5) are picked up from there after school ends by Noah's Ark Preschool and brought back to the school. We provide an after-school snack, along with plenty of play time, until they are picked up by parents or an authorized representative. 

Using after-school child care from Noah's Ark Preschool ensures that parents never have to rush to meet the school bus or the bell. It also gives children the time they need to release all their pent-up energy from being in school all day, in a constructive and fun environment.

Another advantage of after-school childcare from Noah's Ark Preschool is that children are given the opportunity to make new groups of friends. We encourage group activities that allow kids to interact with all the children who attend the after-school program. This gives every child the opportunity to practice social skills while learning to get along with other children. We believe that friendly and playful interaction among children develops them into well-rounded young adults who are open, confident, and tolerant of others.

The staff at Noah's Ark Preschool provides a wide variety of activities for the children who are in the after-school daycare. Each day there is a new and exciting adventure to be discovered. Let loving professionals watch your children after school today!

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